• Photo cells, which save energy by only illuminating light fixture during dark conditions

  • Technologies with extended life spans and strong manufacturer warranties

  • Retrofit all exterior lighting

  • Pursue utility rebate opportunities to help offset the cost of these projects

Beyond The Energy Savings

Additional benefits are numerous and substantial:

  • Significant maintenance and material savings that result from the extended life of new technologies
  • Increased light levels, thanks to a more professional looking, better lit facility
  • Potentially higher employee morale an efficiency thanks to a more professional looking, better lit facility
  • A safer work environment, which promotes safety, and helps to boost security in and around the facility
  • Fewer maintenance issues that impact employees and the operation of business

Interior Lighting Retrofits​

Lighting Solutions

  • ​20-80% energy savings
  • Utility rebates
  • 2-10 times the life of their predecessors
  • Material savings
  • Increased color rendering and lighting uniformity
  • Improved spread of light
  • A higher percentage of light levels maintained throughout lifespan
  • Improvement in the overall image and aesthetic appearance 


  • Energy savings ranging from 30-80%

  • Significant improvement in the output, spread, forward through, and color uniformity of light

  • Large maintenance savings, as LED and offers 5-10 times the lifespan of HIDs

  • Increased security and safety due to more powerful lighting output

Exterior Lighting Retrofits​


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